AmazonAlexa Voice Services​ is a 3rd party product team focusing on the idea of Alexa everywhere. An upcoming design milestone for AVS is the LG TV experience with the new built in Alexa Positioning Language (APL). The LG TV Alexa experience will have 7 main domains; Music, Music Search, Knowledge, Personality, Weather, Smart Home, Shopping and To Do Lists.

APL Responses on LG 2019 TVs

Design Tenets

1. Alexa is always a polite guest.
2. Move the user's focus seamlessly from activity to activity.
3. If we increase disruption, we also must increase value.
4. Take a best guess and allow for correction (e.g. settings).
5. Make the experience predictable for Device Makers and end users.
6. Make implementation both easy and flexible for Experience Makers.
7. Exceed expectations. Give the user precisely what they asked for. Then give a little more.


How does APL CX compare to AVS GUI and Fire TV?

1. New visual domains: This CX includes visuals for three additional features: music search, jokes, and “Where's my stuff?”
2. Updated visual style: The visual style has been updated to match the latest Visual DNA styles.
3. Smaller partial screen: Instead of using a bottom third, the LG CX uses a card which adds as much value in less space.
4. New ability to go full screen: Interaction updates include the ability for a user to make a partial screen response go full screen.
5. Adjusted timeouts: Fire TV uses long timeouts, expecting the user to press the back button to dismiss visuals. Our tenet is to flow users seamlessly from one experience to the other. In doing so, we will shorten the timeouts in order to bring users back to their primary activity.

Interaction Model

Voice Chrome
LG 2019 will use the circular voice chrome already implemented by the AVS LG team.

System Chrome
For LG 2019 TVs, visual experiences will display in either full screen or card. In the future, there will also be the need for a toast.

Full Screen

A full screen response is appropriate for:
Media playback (to avoid over lapping audio), Experiences intended to have a prolonged back-and-forth ( and search results (although a card may also be appropriate).

Bottom Card

A card is appropriate for: Short experiences (aka “short-running” or “transactional”), search results (fullscreen is also appropriate) and secondary media ( home camera).

Cards have limited real estate, but can be scrollable.


Toasts are appropriate for unprompted notifications that require no action. Since LG TVs will not launch with notifications, we will not need toasts until a later release.

Session Pivots
Domains may provide an affordance to let the user maximize a card to full screen. This is accessed via an up arrow on the remote or by voice.

Session Pivot via Remote: Default Focus

Session Pivot Flow

Visual Design

Full screen
Margins: 96px
Gutters: 32px
Margin-bottom: 80px

Partial screen
Margins: 48px
Gutters: 16px

Max card height:​ 570px
Min card height:​ 294 px


Domain Preview

Domain - Music

1.0 Music
1.1 Music player w/ AVS GUI playback controls

Domain - Music Search

1.2 Music search results

Default: Session pivot in focus

Fullscreen: After session pivot. Stops TTS readout.

Domain - Knowledge

2.0 Knowledge (Q&A, Wikipedia)

Knowledge responses with image (including primacy)

Knowledge full screen

Domain - Weather

3.0 Weather

Domain - Personality

4.0 Jokes (Only)

Domain - Smart Home

5.0 Camera (Only)

Future iterations may include a partial screen

Domain - Lists

6.0 To Do List, Shopping List & Calendar

To Do List

Shopping List




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